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Reseller Program

To view the accounts that can be resold and the price of them, please visit the
 Reseller Plans page.

What is a reseller?

A reseller at  is a person who bills and supports his or her own web hosting clients. You purchase our hosting accounts at a discounted price and resell them to your customers at your own price. You are in control of your site and your customers. This is NOT a program where you sell our accounts and we send you a check. Sorry, we do not offer this type of program.

As a reseller you are not obligated to supply technical support for your resold clients. In the unlikely event that they have a problem with their account they have the exact same Control Panel and access to Support as you do...

The Individual Resellers Plans

As a Reseller, you pay full price for your main account (you can choose any account package) and you get each additional account you add at a discounted price. You can resell any of the accounts that offers in the hosting plan area.