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        Hosting your domain on will give your customers unparalleled bandwidth and performance and give you full control over all of the many  features that come with your account.  Below is a copy of the Welcome letter you would get with your account, it is a pretty pretty good example of the sorts of things that your account includes. For more details on any aspect of the accounts available from follow any of the links above...

Welcome to your new domain hosting account at
What you will find in this e-mail
* Accessing Your Web Site
* General Instructions
* Your Control Panel
* Miscellaneous Information
* Control Panel Basics
* When You Need Help
* Automatic Contract Renewal
* Shopping Carts


Here is your account information:
Domain Name:
Username: xxxxx
Password: xxxxxxxxx
SSL is available at

* Please note that your password is case sensitive. You will use your Username and Password to enter your Control Panel and to FTP files to your site. So please keep them in a safe spot.

If you are registering your domain name with another registrar or need to transfer your domain name, please use these name servers.

Primary Nameserver: NS.CONFUCI.US IP:
Secondary Nameserver: NS2.CONFUCI.US IP:

Until your domain name registration or transfer is complete, you can access your web site at Please keep in mind, your e-mail will not function correctly and no one can access your site by the domain name until registration or transfer is complete.

Until the domain name is registered, to follow any of the instructions below, substitute your IP address for your domain name.


*** YOUR CONTROL PANEL ***   Sample Control Panel        Top of Page

We are pleased to offer a full-featured Control Panel. Our Control Panel makes creating and maintaining your web site simple. You can access your Control Panel at:

(Remember that if your domain is not yet registered, you must substitute your IP address [} in the above address. Once your domain name is registered, you can access your control panel at

To log into your control panel, use the username [username] and password assigned to your account [username].

The Control Panel allows you to do such things as manage your email accounts, manage your files, install counters, view your statistics, install FrontPage extensions, etc. A complete overview of the Control Panel buttons can be found at the "Help" button within the Control Panel.*

Change your password.
Click on the button labeled "Change Password." From here, input your old password and change it to something that is easier to remember.


*** SETTING UP YOUR E-MAIL PROGRAM ***            Top of Page

There are two steps to setting up e-mail software on your computer in order to receive e-mail. We recommend using Eudora or Outlook Express. Either can be easily downloaded from the web or you may have received free e-mail software from your internet access provider.

When using mail software, like Eudora or Outlook, to retrieve your e-mail, use this info for the set up

POP mail account = username

SMTP server = use your local ISP's mail server

Incoming mail server =

Password = xxxxxxxx

Return Address = enter your e-mail address

This will get you started with the first of your mailboxes,, which is already set up.
* To customize your site's e-mail account and make use of all its features, simply select the option "Mail Manager" in the Control Panel.

The POP mailboxes are setup in the same manner as your  mailbox. All e-mail functions including aliases and autoresponders can be controlled here.

Incidentally, you will receive "all" incoming e-mail addressed to ___________@yourdomain by default. This means you have unlimited incoming addresses under your domain name.  Again, your e-mail will not function correctly until domain name registration or transfer is complete.



Our packages are all designed to allow for bandwidth maximums, each dependent upon the package that you have chosen for your

domain. None of our packages come with unlimited bandwidth. We have the option within our Domain Management System to allow any of the domains that exceed these bandwidth parameters to be automatically suspended. We no longer do that because our clients indicated to us that they prefer to have their sites remain operative. Bandwidth is reset at the end of each month therefore if you go over your limit on the 15th of the month your site would be shutdown until the first. Obviously this is just not good business.

Therefore when your sites exceed bandwidth parameters, we must monitor bandwidth usage and adjust your billing histories accordingly. Right now, when we find a domain has exceeded their bandwidth allotment, we charge $7.50 per GB of overage to the client's account. These will be manual entries on your account retroactively for the previous month. You will not receive a separate invoice. You will be notified by email after the charges have been assessed. For our resellers, the name of the resold account will be included in your account history so that you can contact your client with the additional charges.


As of September 01, 2002 we will be initiating bandwidth overage fees of $10.00/GB for manual adjustments. If you pre-purchase extra bandwidth, you will be charged at the following rates:

One (1) GB increments - $7.50 per GB
Ten (10) GB increments - $70.00 per 10 GB ($7.00 per GB) Twenty-five
(25) GB increments - $150.00 per 25 GB ($6.00 per GB)


*** MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION ***            Top of Page

1.)  Your cgi-bin has the following path /home/username/yourdomainname-www/cgi-bin

The URL to your cgi-bin is

You can put your cgi scripts there. If you put in any perl scripts, make sure you have the permissions set to 775 for the perl scripts to be executable. Also, be sure that the perl path in the first line of your script is /usr/local/bin/perl.

The URL to the global cgi-bin (home to pre-written scripts you can use, like the formmail and counter scripts) is yourdomain/cgi-sys

2.)  To see your daily web statistics go to yourdomain/stats/ for graphical statistics and www statistics. The statistics are updated each day.

3.)  General problems to avoid
* filenames are case sensitive so they must match or you will get a "file not found" error.
* transfer perl scripts and text files as ASCII text
* transfer gif and jpg images as image or binary file type
* MAC users should transfer files as raw data
* if your perl script doesn't work, the two most common reasons are that permissions are not set right

1) either on the scripts or files and directories they write to,

2) or the paths are wrong.

3) Please keep your account information current, including credit card number and expiration date, off network e-mail address and phone numbers.

4) Please be aware that you can not downgrade your account.

5) MySQL - If you are using MySQL, once you have set up a database, the username and password is set to your default which is the password you use to access the control panel. If you change your control panel password after setting up your database, it only changes for the control panel is does not change for the database, so make sure you hold on to the original password.

6) Server Maintenance - Daily, between the hours of 2:00 AM - 4:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, we have an open maintenance window where our Network Administrators perform upgrades, server moves and overall general server maintenance. There is a possibility that during this time frame your site(s) may be affected.

*** CONTROL PANEL BASICS ***            Top of Page

There are three main components to the Control Panel:

* Account Quick View *

This section allows you to see basic account information, such as your username, your package, and your account status.

* Resource Meter *

Shows how much of your resources (such as email address, traffic, etc) you have used, and how much you have free.

* Tool Kit *

This section of the CP lists all the options available. Which options are available for use will depend upon which package has been chosen.

An explanation of each Control Panel button can be found when clicking on the "Help" button.


*** WHEN YOU NEED HELP***            Top of Page

Log into your control panel and click on the "Email Support" button. This will bring up a form. Enter your information and the problem you are having. Please be VERY SPECIFIC. A Support Technician will e-mail you back within a few hours....

If you can not connect to your control panel, you can contact our Support Department through

Or call me @ 808-878-3625


When your contract is up, we automatically renew it unless you ask to cancel your account. You will receive an email bill/invoice.

If you would like to cancel your contract, please email me at You must allow at least 72 hours for account deletion. As a policy, we do not offer refunds or credits.



Mahalo [Thank you in Hawaiian] for your business, I hope you are completely satisfied with your account and urge you to be in touch any time if you have problems, need help or have ideas on how best we may be able to serve you...

    Your account includes a free shopping cart. You can sell up to 25 items in this cart [Silver Alacart] but many of you have way more than 25 products to sell. For you there are two options, there is the Gold Alacart in which you can sell up to 100 items for only $15 a month and there is the Platinum Alacart that can manage up to 1000 items for only $35 a month. All three of the Alacart shopping carts are easy to setup and maintain. As you are aware your account is totally capable of being a secure server [see the secure server icon in your control panel for setting this feature up] so you can offer your products for sale on line, process credit cards in real time and with absolute confidence that both you and your customer will be safe...


    Gill Brooks                                    Top of Page