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Confuci.us Says: You have Questions & We have Answers

How does your billing system work?

You will be billed electronically on a quarterly or annual basis, whichever you choose. One invoice will be sent for all of your domain and option packages one month prior to the due date. The due date corresponds to the earliest day in the month that you signed up for an account or option package. For example, if you have domains that started on the 5th, 12th and 19th than the due date for all domains is on the 5th of every month. Note: You are not being double billed.

How do I order a resold account?

Go to your control panel and hit the Add Domain button.

How do I get my email to work?

See our Welcome letter, everything is explained…

How can you sell domain names so cheap?

We do not make money off of selling names. We are a host. We simply pass the discounts we receive from buying domain namesĀ  to you.

Does Confuci.usĀ  design websites?

YES… Please call Gill at 808-878-3625 or send an email to him.

Can I use any of the content from your website if I am a reseller?

Yes, you may take the text from our site, put it in your own words, and use it on your site, but you can not simply copy our website and promote it as your own.

Can I pay with my resold customers card?

NO… and if you do they will know who we are as our information shows up on their billing statement. If they charge back you and all of your accounts will be deleted.

Why was my site suspended?

We suspend sites for nonpayment, excessive disk space usage, excessive transfer rate, Non-payment and, of course, abusive practices. A suspended site will have a statement asking you to contact your host.

What about refunds?

Refunds are only available within the first 30 days. If you are not happy, we will give a refund only if no resold accounts were added to your account. There will be no refunds on new domain names.

Why was my site deleted?

Web sites that spam, support hacking, engage in credit card fraud or contain adult content or links to adult content, are deleted with no warning. ***NOTE: We also state in our Acceptable Use Policy that we can refuse service to anyone for any reason.

What do I do when my site is down?

Our techs are paged by our systems when they go down. We know when the sites go down. Our systems will reboot after 10 mins of down time; if they do not reboot they page us to the machine.

What do I do when my email quits working?

Generally, the system is busy; wait a few minutes and try again

Do I have a contract with you? How long do I have to stay?

Yes. We provide virtual web hosting services as described here and elsewhere in our website. You agree to pay the listed hosting fees for your particular hosting plan. See the User Agreement. Contracts are quarterly or annual unless you have something different in writing from us. If you pay by more than one quarter and we remove your domain for any permitted reason, we are not obligated to make refunds for the unused balance of the contract period. You must give us at least 72 hours advance notice of your intent to cancel a hosting contract by either calling or emailing .

Do you install cgi scripts for me?