Great news, "there's a new gun it town" shootin' spam dead before it gets into your system at all. GDMilter and SpamAssassin

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Spam Guard is also available to filter unwanted spam from your entire domain, please visit for simple instructions.

Outlook (Outlook Express) users: Try downloading and installing Trend Micro's Pilot Anti-Spam filter. It integrats with Outlook and works quite well. Not best of all, but it doesn't hurt that it is free!  [You'll have to spend 3 minutes filling out a form telling them a bit about yourself, but then you can download it -about 10MB, and be up and running in less than 10 minutes.]

Webmail Filters
     If you want to use webmail to pre-filter out your spam before [or in lieu] opening your email program on your computer [Outlook or what ever...] you can setup some filters in a few minutes there that can do a GREAT job. I have a few clients that get several thousands of emails a day and this has been unbelievably effective for them in deleting all the 90% spam [100 if you diligently set up enough filters...] Once setup, then just follow a bookmark [Favorite] into webmail, log into that account, as soon as the page opens the filters run and remove all the spam. Then you can close it, open your regular email program and get your spammless mail.

     To use or configure it, log into your webmail for each of the email addresses in question. [] and click on the Filter button. See below how to configure the filters. If you've never used webmail before it will take you through a little configuration wizard first, if you want you can simple scroll to the bottom and click continue or save and accept all the defaults....


How to setup/configure filters:
Please use this chart as a reference to mail filters:

Term Action or Meaning
Count Number of messages moved by filter
Priority Order in which filters are applied
Rules Select the header criteria to block
Inc/Exc Includes or Excludes the string (see next)
String Text to block or accept
Action What action will be taken when encountering this mail
Destination Location to dump this mail to  [make this Delete so it is actually removed from the system. Moving it to trash will allow it to build up and eventually you'll run out of space on the server. Only use that option if you remember to go in there and dump the trash now and again]
Enable Check to enable the selected filter
Action[2] Finalize filter settings (add to filter list)

Here's an example to follow:

Rules Inc/Exc String Action Destination Enable
From Include Move Trash Enable

Translating this filter into plain English would be:
Move all e-mail that is from anyone who resides on to the Trash. This filter is enabled. Therefore, if someone who's e-mail address was tried to send you an e-mail, it would be automatically sent to the Trash.

You could also have an exclusive filter, by blocking anyone who does not reside on a certain server. For example, if you changed include to exclude, you would be allowing e-mail from only those at

To edit a filter, simply click the string of the filter, and it will display on the editor at the top. see the above chart for details on filter editing.

If you would like to temporarily disable a filter, there is an easier way than deleting it and having to create it all over again. Simply follow the instructions in the above paragraph to edit the filter, uncheck Enable, then click Add/Modify, and the filter will no longer be in place. It will store it in a second chart above the preset filters. To enable the filter again, you can either edit the newly created filter in the second chart and check off Enable, then click Add/Modify; or you can delete the newly created filter by clicking Delete to absolute right of the filter you wish to delete.


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